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SEE A Game

Project summary

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An entrepreneurial attitude is essential for adapting to the fast social and economic developments of our time.

SEE A Game is a consortium of European educational organizations committed to foster this attitude in a fun and challenging way. Using a set of board games, students discover the value of competing and collaborating. Relevant aspects of entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes are stimulated.

The target groups/beneficiaries of the games are people with entrepreneurial aspirations but playing the games will also help risk groups (e.g. unemployed people and migrants) to integrate better and faster into the European labor market.

The games are designed to take local situations into consideration.

The focus on entrepreneurial attitudes instead of on an entrepreneurial knowledge base is the major innovation of SEE A Game.

Knowledge and information are not sufficient to succeed in taking charge of one’s own professional, social and personal life. Often it is the right attitude that makes the difference between failure and success.

As a first step SEE A Game identified key entrepreneurial competences as they relate to the diverse European environments. This research functions as a basis for the development of a game-concept designed to train essential entrepreneurial attitudes.

The game is complemented by a didactic manual (e.g. scaling to target groups, creative intervention of instructor, organization of feedback/reflection) and a Grundtvig-3 training course for teachers and trainers who would like to use the games in courses and in their work with prospective or starting entrepreneurs.

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Participate in the second SEE A Game course in Ancona (Italy) from 15-22 April 2012.

Contact Hannelore Audenaert for more information


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