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"FAIR" - Collaborative game

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FAIR is a collaborative game designed for promoting the development of entreprenurial attitudes and competencies. In particular, FAIR focuses on the following ones:
  • Ambiguity management
  • Self-confidence
  • Motivation
  • Focusing/goal-orientation
  • Taking initiative
  • Self-reflection
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Social competenices and empathy
  • Creativity

Collaborative game means that collabroation is the main driver in the game. Howewer, for the game to remain intriguing, some competition will develop within teams, still maintaining a sociallu collaborative learning environment.

FAIR is designed for sessions with 6 to 24 players, such as classroom environment, and is played in groups. It includes different variants that can be played over multiple sessions fostering reflection. With some practice, teachers can also create their own variants.

Framing story and aims of the game

In this game each player represents a catering company. Each player's cards represent the company's assets, and its goals are stated on the goal card included in the deck.
The story is that the organizers of an important local country fair have opened a call for tenders for providing food services during this event.

The goal of the game for each player is making an offer to the country fair organizers, getitng the contract and achieveing her/his indiviual goals.


Players play in tables of three, where each table represents a potential consortium of catering companies negotiating to prepare a proosal for services to the country fair. At each table, individual players represent 3 different profiles of catering companies, eahc with a special deck of cards appropriatefor their profile. The 3 profiles and thus the 3 different decks of cards are: newcomer, local best performer and national player.

In order to set up a proposal that meets the demand of the country fair (i.e. at least 5000 people served), players must negotiate and find an agreement within their table.

A single session of the game will take between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Here you can find all the cards/different card types of (the game) FAIR. For further information, please refer to the handbook section/handbooks (in English, French, German…).”




With the support of the Lifelong learning Programme of the European Union

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